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Respiratory Rescue Packs

We have been inundated with requests from patients to issue a "Rescue Pack" of Antibiotics and Oral Steroids. Many of these requests come from false social media and facebook advice suggesting anyone with Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis or other lung conditions should contact their GP for the above medication.

The inappropriate use of Steroids and Antibiotics could be harmful to your health.

In our practice, Rescue Packs of antibiotics and steroids are only given to those select patients who have been seen by the Asthma Nurse Specialist or Respiratory Consultants. These patients have been trained on when and how to use their medication and have a Rescue Pack as part of their management plan. At present we are not issuing rescue packs to any other groups of individuals. If you feel that your chest symptoms are not under control and you are worried about COVID-19 symptoms then please go to either of the following websites. If it is not related to COVID-19 symptoms then only in exceptional circumstances contact your GP:

For COVID-19 Symptom checker

General information on COVID-19

Asthma UK support for COVID-19

British Lung Foundation support for COVID-19

We appreciate that you may be worried, scared and concerned. We understand that many people want to prepare in advance. However, making inappropriate requests takes away our clinicians time in trying to help the most vulnerable and in turn will lead to more people being unwell. Please help us to help you all.

Thank you for helping us to help you. Together we can all try our best to ensure that we all try and stay healthy and well in this time of national crisis.

Acknowledgment to the Burnham practice, Mid Essex CCG