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Infection Control Annual Statement 2014-2015


This annual statement will be generated each year in May. It will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Event procedure)
  • Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions undertaken
  • Details of any control risk assessments undertaken
  • Details of staff training
  • Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines


The Ross Practice has one lead for Infection, Prevention and Control, our Practice Nurse Lesley Bellamy, supported by Sheila Keller our Practice Manager.

Nurse Lesley Bellamy keeps updated on infection control and shares necessary information with the team at clinical governance team meetings.

Significant Events

In the past year (1.3.14-31.3.15) there have been no significant events raised that related to infection control.


An audit on Minor Surgery was undertaken by Sheila Keller (Practice Manager) in May 2015. No infections were reported.

In November 2014 an Infection Prevention and Control in General Practice audit was completed by Practice Nurse Lesley Bellamy. Policies and procedures have now been finalised and are operational. Some inadequacies were noted and these are being worked upon to ensure compliance. We will aim to do more to share information with our patients and will therefore place a copy of this Annual Statement on our practice website and will notify patients of any seasonal outbreaks that they may need to be aware of via posters in the surgery and on our website.

A hand hygiene audit will take place annually.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out so best practice can be established and then followed.

Cleaning specifications, frequencies and cleanliness of equipment

Sheila Keller has led a piece of work on cleaning specifications and frequencies, infection control and cleanliness of equipment. The practice cleaning team have been on board with this risk assessment. New procedures have been put in place to ensure cleaning specifications and frequencies are adequate for a General Practice environment. New policies have been written and carried out by staff.

Toys, books and magazines

We provide minimal toys to help entertain children whilst they are in the waiting room and during consultations. We feel it is important to have some provision for those parents who do not bring their own toys to entertain their children, however, we have to manage risk. NHS Cleaning Specifications recommend that all toys are clean regularly and we have implemented an audit reference chart.


The surgery has various material curtains and blinds both at the windows and in consulting rooms. All curtains to windows will be cleaned as per NHS cleaning specifications; blinds will be cleaned as per our contract cleaning specification. Modesty curtains in treatment rooms have been changed to disposable and are changed every 6 months as per practice policy.

Staff training

Our aim is to conduct hand hygiene training to members of our practice team at annual multidisciplinary staff meetings.

Relevant members of the clinical team attend/will attend update training for Infection Prevention and Control for General Practice.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Policies relating to Infection Prevention and Control are reviewed and updated annually if appropriate. However, all are amended on an on-going basis as current advice changes.


Sheila Keller
Practice Manager
For and on behalf of The Ross Practice