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    Telephone: 01279 215 354
    Out of hours: 111

    Test Results, Blood Tests & Laboratory Samples

    Test Results

    You may telephone for your own investigation results after 11am  Monday - Friday.

    General Information about Test Results

    Please remember that the staff can only act in accordance with the Doctor's instructions so may not be able to give you a result. This does not necessarily mean that there is a problem but simply that the Doctor needs to see you or talk to you to explain the whole situation.

    Results can be given to someone other than the patient if previously arranged with Doctor.

    The results of tests carried out during hospital visits are not normally sent to the practice.


    Results for patients over 16yrs can only be given to the patient.

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    Blood Tests

    Adult Blood Tests

    Our Phlebotomist takes blood samples on:

    Tuesday 9.30am - 11.30am at Ross Practice
    Wednesday 9.30a.m & Friday 10.00am – 11.00am at Hamilton Practice

    Appointments may be booked. Patients may attend either practice. 

    Children's Blood Test Information

    Blood tests for children are only available at The Princess Alexandra in Harlow, and are by appointment only. Further information is available here.

    Please Note: When you need a Fasting Blood Test; nil by mouth should be taken for 14 hours before the test. You may drink water. If you do not follow this instruction, your blood sample may be invalid.

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    Test Times

    Below is an approximate guide to how long results can take to come through.

    Type of Test

    Usual Time for Results

    X-RayUp to 2 weeks
    Smear2 weeks
    Blood tests2 - 7 days, depending on the test
    UrineWithin 7 days

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    Radiology Department


    Please note that if the results of your Chest X-ray are inconclusive, you may be contacted by the Radiology department to arrange an appointment for a CT scan. In most circumstances a CT scan can provide more detailed information to aid your GP with any diagnosis or treatment required.

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    Laboratory Samples

    All samples must be received by 10.30am weekdays to link with the hospital courier service. If necessary, you can put your specimen through the letterbox (front door) in a sealed clean container (available at Reception). Please ensure the bottle is clearly marked with your name.

    Do you know what happens to your sample?

    Watch these short animated videos (produced by the Institute of biomedical science) to see how samples taken at your GP surgery are sent to hospital laboratories to be analysed by biomedical science staff: